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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2010 8:00am-8:30am PST

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it on many of the larger projects, so that is why we try to do it with the e-mailed. when there are significant projects, it is probably worth it to do a mailing. i do not want to setup the expectation that is something we can do on a regular basis >> after getting so many cards and letters, that may trigger it. >> we should silicic that information and maybe do one mailing.
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>> commissioner martin. weese to have community meetings where we sit down with the people and get all the information. >> one of the pieces of feedback we obtained is that people want us to come to them. they want us to come to the meetings rather than having people come and invites them. youit is more convenient, so i think we will be doing a lot of fat. >> -- a lot of that. >> what we did was listen to the people to see what their concern
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was. >> thank you for that historic perspective. >> we do have a couple of commons. richard comm -- couple of comments. >> i am particularly interested in this out to reach because of things that happened in the past that could have been better copies of the policy should be distributed so we know what could be better. your the community activist should be notified about what these upcoming things were, and
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i thought we were going to have separate committees that would take care of this, so let's have a committee meeting that would take care of this so people can voice what they are interested in. >> the committee process is moving forward, and it is on the agenda today puree your -- today. >> let's get that defiant. -- defined. >> i want to thank you offer the additional comments richard you -- you all for the additional comments. neighborhood council really does support out of reach for policy
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-- outreach policy. commit to work to refine and implement the plan today as well as really reaching out and insuring of the leaders understand the policy and where they can be most effective in working with the department and showing the changes are known and can be propagated in the cheapest and most effective way possible. thank you so much, and we are here to support. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i have spoken with the president of my association, and the outreach policy was initiated
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because of the situation that arose earlier in the year with laurel heights. i am glad the situation has been worked on. i just have a few questions. and she mentioned in the last meeting there were workshops held. we did not receive notice on the workshop, and i am not on what ever lived, so i am not involved in the policy-making. the idea of having a threshold of 50 e-mails, if one person in the association who might be an officer, if you get that e-mail
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, that would trigger an evaluation rather than just waiting for 50 e-mails from each resident. i was also wondering what the deadline is for feedback. >> i want to commend the department. it has been a constant theme that we need more communication. ii think it is a good plan, and we appreciate the opportunity to be involved. we will participate in whatever way we can. we will make sure we can be part
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of this as well. >> good afternoon federer give one of the things we do not do great in -- good afternoon. one thing we do not too great is communicating, and that has changed in the last four or five months. we have worked on getting things in our newsletter including using our staff to post on family list serves in san francisco, responding to e- mails, making sure we have our response and that we are not far apart from each other. i want to stress a couple things.
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people of their who are listening, please write an e- mail -- people who are out there listening, please write an e- mail. anybody dealing with customer services has to learn, so i look forward to more collaboration. hopefully we will be able to plan out how they are going to communicate with the public. they have an insatiable appetite for information and pride people feel about their neighborhoods. agen>> thank you very much. >> e-mailed does make of reach more peaceable in terms of
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outreach. one is the amount and the other is the lead time. if you take a trip or something complex happens, it is not enough time. i urge you to let people know about it, and it will save you a lot of time down the line and in this room. how do we find out what the lists are? we need to find out if we are on it for how do we sign up they were told there were a bunch of people -- how do we sign up. they were told a bunch of its people were on the list. we need to find out who is on
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them. if you sign up for a non-profit and they take you to another page, to you want to receive information about polar bears, etc., so i suggest maybe someone is interested in playgrounds. i would like to know anything that has to do with golden gate park, and that may not necessarily be people who live near golden gate park. the last thing is the 500-foot radius. you have to notify people. 500 feet does not do it. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? public comment is closed.
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>> after taking input on the commission, does this now go to -- i assume you are going to modify the policy, and it will come back to the operations committee or one of the subcommittee's before it comes to the full commission? >> i am going to take it back to the original stakeholders and back to you guys either at a full commission meeting or whichever you prefer. >> can i suggest we have it at operations. >> there is an operations committee proposed in the organization of the commission. unless it is time-sensitive, we
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can adopt it when we get improvements, so there are lots of options. >> it is your pleasure, and this depends on creating a committee structure. i think the public has been waiting for general guidelines so we can have mutual expectations about how we are going to proceed. our thought in bringing this forum was to provide an opportunity for comment, and we thought we would come back after reaching gauging stakeholders, at which point, you could decide to -- gauging stakeholders, at which point, you could decide. >> i think there is an
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expectation that we move on this. some policy is better than no policy. let me from this as an observation. it is apparent to me we are going to continue to get budget cuts. do we lay people off? do we find ways to generate income. laying people off will generate public comment. it is incumbent upon us to have an outreach program in place, and we are all learning. i will weigh in and say, let's move this forward as fast as possible and have an easy way to modify or improve it who as we
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go forward. >> just one comment to echo your thoughts, which is that we do live in a time of constrained budget resources, and that does include our outreach team. what we are trying to do is set up a system where we can best disseminate public information, and we are grateful to the parks trust. we are on a constant road tour of meetings. we were at the meeting two saturdays ago, and we do this a number of times a week. we just spent over a year developing a new tool in our website, and you will see the
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outreach policy on the front page of our website, and you will also see a scrolling feature of the upcoming community meetings and announcements. our entire web site has been designed to enhance out of reach to the best we can, so one key aspect is making sure the public is aware of the tools and asking them to use it. >> thank you very much. >> we are on item number eight, which is understanding for the implementation of balboa park and jefferson square park water conservation projects.
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>> good afternoon we have before you the approval of the park's water conservation process, and this is part of the mission of the parks and open space section in terms of being able to do management of natural resources within our parks system. this is a true collaborative initiatives which the utilities commission and also reflects implementation of strategies and recommendations from the 2009
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plan, which was also with the parks and recreation department and the san francisco public utilities commission. the projects we have primarily address three critical parks. the projects primarily in retrofit the system to capture savings of 7.4 million gallons of water. the project manager is here, and i would like to recommend the project manager, who wrote this for a particular grant. we also have representatives from the public utilities commission, and if you could
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allow an opportunity for the program manager to come up and present a little bit about the programs they are doing throughout the city. >> good afternoon. i am julie, and i wanted to talk for a minute about the landscape program through which the rec and park department applied, and our program is part of of a broader effort to help diversify. to help protect the water througwe are taking steps to
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diversify. we are also trying to update our drinking system. we propose saving 20 million gallons by 2018, and we have a, an -- a comprehensive program, and this effort is one part of our effort to reduce water use outdoors. in terms of the program again, there are a couple of key requirements open to retail customers that would reduce
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potable water use. they had to have over 2.5 acres. they need to propose permanent improvements over 10 years, and they have to be able to start and be completed within two years. they have to meet a number of applicable local and state laws. we send out notifications to our retail customers that we identified. we received proposals from three different organizations for seven projects the totaled $7 million. we had rolled together are 2009 through 2011 funding, and pending availability of funding in the future, we hope to have
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future rounds of and and and and and and land grant program. in terms of selection criteria, i touched on what the grant required. in particular, we look at costs in terms of water saved. rec and parks submitted proposals, and we collected 3. that totaled over $2 million in funding. that concludes my brief overview of the grant program, so i will open it up. >> the conservation water project i have to mention.
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there was an amendment to the use, and i hope you received the amendment to a memorandum, and if you were to consider the use, it would be through the amendment. >> commissioner harrison? >> does this include the parts of water hens -- heads? >> this does not include recycled water to the parks. i will briefly walk you through the main pieces.
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the leaks will be repaired. in the case of balboa park, we are proposing non-pressurized components of the navigation system and the inclusion of weather-based system. jefferson square park. we are looking at the total replacement of the system, including uniform coverage. also the installation of weather-based controller's. that is the largest project in terms of its scope and
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investment during a -- its scope and investment. >> commissioner lee? >> if these are heavily used by the public, what level of construction? it sounds like a significant construction activity will be going on at these parks, and i was wondering if you have looked into the operations. i was wondering what they expect. >> i would like to refer that to a project manager.
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>> if there is going to be a major disruption within the park, we should consider that as an option. >> i am speaking of highly dense areas. and their heavily used daily. where are people going to go. are you going to give them that? i would assume you are looking into existing programs.
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>> absolutely, we are working together to make sure to provide notification. >> commissioner, i will take a stab us well. the areas are basically lawn areas. there are no recreation areas, so they know what to expect in terms of the project, scope, and duration. we will do similar system there. they know when to take the
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field off the permanent menu. the impact would be a fair not available -- would be that they are not available. >> i know there is more efficiency in efficiency once we complete these projects. is it safe to assume there is improved irrigation in terms of maintenance of areas? we have seen worse days. we have great days, but there are still some areas that can improve courier -- can improve. will that be a natural result? >> yes. >> is there any public comment on this item?
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seeing none, public comment is closed during the -- is closed. >> we need a motion. >> you want to make a motion to amend? >> yes. >> and then that will take it? >> the amendment is non- substantive amendment. it is primarily in the language of the appendix d, and basically the language distinguishes the difference between the documentation needed, and it also lists the documentation needed to demonstrate the grant award. >> we would entertain a motion that includes that amendment? it has been moved and seconded
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it is unanimous. >> we are on item number 10, which is the boat house request for proposal.


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